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(CNN) – A new poll released Wednesday shows Newt Gingrich topping the Republican presidential field in Oklahoma, less than a month before the state’s Super Tuesday primary on March 6.

Thirty-four percent of likely Republican primary voters said they would back the former House speaker, while 31% said they would vote for Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney, according to the American Research Group survey.

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(CNN) — Tim Pawlenty, former Republican presidential candidate and now Mitt Romney supporter, repeated his criticism of Rick Santorum Tuesday, claiming the former Pennsylvania senator once supported health care mandates.

Santorum, meanwhile, defended the attacks on Monday.

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My name is Christopher Beverly; I was born and raised in Newton, N.C., and I am 21.  I graduated from Newton-Conover High School in 2007.  I served as the editor-in-chief of the 73rd edition of The Cardinal, the high school yearbook.  In the Fall of 2007 I started my freshmen year of college at Lenoir-Rhyne University as a political science major.  In the Fall of 2009 I transfered to Middle Tennessee State University where I am now a Music Business Major, with a double minor in public relations and political science.  Most people would describe me as first and foremost a musician.  I play many musical instruments including: piano (18 years), bass (14 years), guitar (14 years), mandolin (7 years) and banjo (6 years).  Over the past six years I have spent much of my time in and around Nashville, TN.  I served as Music Director for Catawba Baptist Church, in Catawba, NC, from Jan., 2008 to Aug., 2009, and served many years on multiple musician staffs. I have studied vocal technique and training, for over six years now, from several influential people in the music industry.  For the past 4 years I have served as the Local Government Program Coordinator for the Tar Heel Boys State Program, run by the American Legion.  I am a member of several different organizations including: The Sons of the American Legion and Grammy U.

Christopher Beverly


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My Wha’s…?

I wonder… why do some professors choose to take attendance and other choose not to?

I wonder why people believe if you speak louder and slower to someone from another country or region,  they will understand you.  Do they think it’s the volume or speed of their voice that’s affecting their communication, not the words that they are using?



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